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Typical Human Thinking

Typical human thinking: If only I had her figure. If only I had her diamonds. If only I had his money. If only I had his wife. > Funny Quotes with Pictures.

Teaching weather, and subjunctive. "It's a wonderful day. I want you to go outside and play". Need to put this in Spanish.

Funny pictures about Go outside and play. Oh, and cool pics about Go outside and play. Also, Go outside and play photos.


Funny pictures about Fire safety advice. Oh, and cool pics about Fire safety advice. Also, Fire safety advice.

Optical illusion. That's crazy

Lathwell Associates on

Perception: the ability to be aware of the things around us through our five senses (hear, feel, sense, touch and taste). Our perception of reality is influenced by others around us.

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See the difference.this pic justify girls eating habit in public and at home.

Sami and Mel..my 2 loveable, hateful friends!

If you can't say anything fucking nice about anyone, come sit by me.

crazy parenting fails - There's a Heart in there Somewhere, but that's Unconfirmed

My husband sent me this link while I was studying for my Mother/Baby Nursing exam.