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May Birthstone Swarovski Emerald Gold Bangle, Gold Bracelet, Emerald Bangle Bracelet, Green Gold Bangle, May Birthstone Bracelet #773

July Birthstone Gold Framed Earrings, January Birthstone Gold Framed Earrings, Garnet Gold Earrings, Ruby Gold Earrings, Gold Earrings #807

Choice of 3 Birthstone Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet, Sterling Silver Bracelet, Birthstone Bangle Bracelet, Birthstone Bracelet [#763]

December Blue Zircon Birthstone Gold Necklace, Blue Zircon Gold Necklace, December Birthstone Jewelry, Personalized Gold Necklace #877

December Blue Zircon Birthstone Gold Earrings, Blue Zircon Gold Dangle Earrings, December Birthstone Gold Earrings, Bridesmaid Jewelry #807

October Birthstone Silver Necklace, Pink Opal Necklace, October Birthday Jewelry, Personalized Silver Necklace, October Birthday Gift #869

Personalized Birthstone Gold Bangle Bracelet, Personalized Gold Bracelet, Gold Bracelet, Birthstone Bracelet, Birthstone Jewelry #867

March Birthstone Aquamarine Quartz and Gold Framed Dangle Earrings, Aquamarine Gold Dangle Earrings, Gold Earrings, Aqua Gold Earrings

March Birthstone Aquamarine Quartz and Gold Framed Earrings by Theresa Rose Designs $12.00