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EMBLEMANA SHOP HERE (PROMO CODE: LIGHT in Payment Instruction Area) Watch a beautiful short video story by EMBLEMANA here. EMBLEMANA produces beautiful  “The Hermetic Seals of Giordano Bruno” necklaces made by order in Italy.  They are symbolic necklaces that allows a connection between the Individual Mind and the Divine Universal Mind . Used to connect with…


Land of the rising bunny: Rabbits take over Japanese island, in pictures

Tourists are overcome with rabbits while on a trip to Rabbit Island in Japan…

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Swing Shelf - Reclaimed Wood Shelf - Wood and Leather - Urban Shelf - Simple Hanging Shelf - Natural Wood Shelf - Bohemian Wood

Swing Shelf - Reclaimed Wood Shelf - Wood and Leather - Urban Shelf - Simple…

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The midnight phoenix rises: Biggest solar storms for seven years create spectacular northern lights

A spectacular 'coronal mass ejection' following a solar flare has caused magnetic storms to create spectacular northern lights (Jan 2012)

Brown long-eared bat. Equipped with ears almost the same length as its body, this widely distributed tree dweller, found in woodlands such as Northamptonshire’s Fineshade Woods, doesn’t have to pursue prey in flight; it picks off invertebrates from leaves and bark. Credit: Getty.#bat #long-earedbat #edgechronicles

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How to create a morning routine to kick start your day

If your mornings are stressed and rushed, take a look at these 13 steps to a morning routine of self care to leave you calmer and brighter

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Decorate your kitchen for the winter

"Have a great evening and night, wherever you are at that time. Be kind to each other, and gentle with yourselves too". Namaste.

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The top 12 wedding cake trends for 2016

Will yours cut it?

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32 More Amazing and Inspiring Pieces of Graphic Artwork

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