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Watercolor Cheat Codes - (http://carryalaser.tumblr.com/post/32840437337/watercolour-cheat-codes-i-made-really-quick)  I can't wait to use my graduation-present-watercolor-suppliessssssss!

WATERCOLOUR CHEAT CODES I made really quick tutorials full of swatches to send my mom who wants to take up watercolour painting for a hobby. I’ll share them here as I find time to type what I wrote her. Frm bd: Arts ~ tips & tutorials

An ink and wash mini-demo....Cathy Johnson

An ink and wash mini-demo.

How to Draw and Paint a Lighthouse. Line and Wash Watercolor. Peter Sheeler - YouTube

Pen, Pencil and watercolor tutorials. A professional Artist for many years, my focus is now on smaller works, Urbansketching and sharing my techniques.

Brenda Swenson: Poinsettia: Negative Painting Demonstration

Reference Photo Cameras are a wonderful tool but it's important to remember photographs are simply a springboard. I don’t rely.


Landscape color studies finished page

What does nature do from moment to moment? She builds and creates, for the joy of building and creating.