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So true!!

And public school shouldn't be a tool to control families, track children, spy on individual/ family politics and/or religion affiliations. SAY NO to public school & Common Core.

Love it!!

Mexican Not Latino T-Shirt. So Mexican Store. Funny Mexican t shirts for men women and children!

Justice is it or is not ?

The Florida State Attorney now wants to put Marissa Alexander in jail for 60 YEARS. Something is very wrong with the justice system in Florida.

Just so any pinners are skeptic, I looked this up on Snopes, some articles and Wikipedia and this is true. Hard to believe but yep, it happened.

poision For those who do not believe that the FDA could act the way they do about alternative medicine for cancer victims and beleive the goverment would never allow it read the above

4-Million Years

Oh but they just say the scientist calculated the years wrong, uh yeah that's it.

Unfortunately, this is so true.

When the rich rob the poor it's called business. When the poor rob the rich it's called violence.

That is really funny but a true statement

And the term Native American includes the indigenous people from Central and South America who lived in Cali, Texas and most of Southern U.