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Engaging historical and pop culture passages all about Thanksgiving - with passages, questions, writing prompts...and even a game...included!

Chicks Go Boom™ | Patch Products Use for vertical jaw excursion final bilabials - on top- Bilabial closure - pop

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Mother's Day - Class Recipe Book - Great for HOW TO writing

This Mother's Day Class Recipe Book has been a hit with my students' parents for the past 8 years! They turn out SO CUTE! You get some students who actually know how to cook, and then you get a few that say the funniest things, like put it in the oven for 24 hours!

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Parts of Speech Verb Charades A Fun Game Anytime to Reinforce Verbs Dollar Deal

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Thanksgiving {responding to non-fiction text & more!}

Thanksgiving is coming! Incorporate history and fun facts about this American holiday into your reading or language lessons (or speech/language th...

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Cooking & Craft Visual Recipe Book

Cooking and Craft Visual Recipe Pack! The perfect way to incorporate hands on learning into your group lessons!

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New Year Traditions Around the World {responding to non-fiction text}

As we celebrate the new year, incorporate traditions and fun facts from around the world into your reading or language lessons (or speech/language therapy