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The "POM" Pomegranate Scam: The Truth Behind the Company and Its Billionaire Owners.    Let's see  . . . Current Events Board??   Nah.  Debunking Pseudoscience. A favorite of mine.

The "POM" Pomegranate Scam: The Truth Behind the Company and Its Billionaire Owners

Home Remedies for Congestion @ Common Sense Homesteading  Great site for natural remedies

9 Home Remedies for Congestion - Natural Decongestants That Work

Home Remedies for Congestion @ Common Sense Homesteading. Fantastic post, recipes, tips and links!

10 Backyard Weeds Known for their Amazing Healing Properties ...

10 common weeds that you find in your yard and how they can heal sicknesses, burns, sores and other ailments. - After checking this list, I've got SIX them growing around my yard and garden. It's nice to put a name to the plants.

Biotin has been cited in a new study in the treatment of hair loss. Well known for its benefits for maintaining healthy hair, biotin offers other benefits too. This essential water-soluble vitamin B helps the body to process fat, carbohydrates and sugars. Since biotin is so involved with creating the building blocks for basic body functions at a cellular level, it’s very important to have a sufficient supply of this nutritional element.

What Can Biotin Do for You

My Mom used this on all of his kids especially when I did synchronized swimming !! Loved water ballet & exercises but my ears didn't!! With this remedy my Mom used we never got swimmer's ear .. So glad to see this out there .. I still use it and used it on my own kids! Works great after showers too!(:

Prevent Ear Infections This Summer . . . Make Your Own Swimmer's Ear Drops

Swimmers Ear Drops: Equal parts white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Drop into ear immediately after swimming - my grandpa used to make this for us. It works!

Is running nose irritating you or getting in the way of your activities.Get rid of a runny nose fast and quickly using these home remedies

Increased mucus in the sinus and nasal passages leads to runny nose. It may cause a cough or sore throat. There are several home remedies that may help to get rid of runny nose fast. Read Here: 19 Home Remedies to.

Homemade Natural Chest Rub : did you know the leading chest rub on the market contains petroleum and turpentine oil?! I don’t want to put that nasty chemical on my skin! This natural remedy uses coconut oil + eucalyptus, peppermint, & lemon Essential Oils.

Make your own natural chest rub! The leading chestrub on the market contains petroleum. This is a cheap, easy version with no toxic chemicals.

The future of cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment will not be found in your cabinet, rather in your kitchen cupboard. No more clogged arteries.

How To Clean Your Arteries With One Simple Fruit

tuesday tastings, peach prosciutto ricotta crostini, appetizers, recipe, #camillestyles

Tuesday Tastings :: Peach + Ricotta Crostini

Peach, Prosciutto & Ricotta Crostini 12 thin slices ciabatta (try to find artisanal loaves from a bakery) 1 ripe peach Fresh sheep’s milk ricotta (I am addicted) thin slices of prosciutto honey

ΕΙΣ ΥΓΕΙΑΝ: Βαλσαμόλαδο Σε μισό λίτρο ελαιόλαδο βάζουμε 150 γραμμάρια από τα άνθη του και κλείνουμε καλά το δοχείο μας, το οποίο και βάζουμε για ένα με δυο μήνες στον ήλιο

Home Remedies for Backache - Treatment & Cure - Natural Remedy for Backache – Backpain Diet

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Coban Olive , Find Complete Details about Coban Olive,Olive from Fresh Olives Supplier or Manufacturer-COBAN

Understanding TMJ Symptoms Before you can determine whether you need treatment for head, neck or TMJ pain, you need to better understand the nature of TMJ Symptoms. Over the years there has been a broad description about what TMJ symptoms are and what they are not. Let’s try to simplify this a bit….

Best top home remedies to get relief from toothache. Toothache home remedies and natural ways to cure it. Best natural ways to soothe toothache. How to cure toothache and quick relief from toothache.

If you often feel "sick", have you considered your gut health? Colitis, Chrons…

If Your Gut Is Sick, You Are Sick - 5 Ways to Heal Your Gut

Psoriasis Free - If you often feel sick, have you considered your gut health? Colitis, Chrons… - Professors Predicted I Would Die With Psoriasis. But Contrarily to their Prediction, I Cured Psoriasis Easily, Permanently & In Just 3 Days.