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HUMAN ODDITIES ... vintage sideshow freakshow circus performers. Digital Printable Collage Sheet

HUMAN ODDITIES - Digital Printable Collage Sheet - Vintage Circus Freakshow Performers, Freaks & Geeks, Unusual Beauty, Digital Download

14 Vintage Freak Show Performers - Gallery

14 Vintage Freak Show Performers

Girl with backwards bending legs. She was able to get around on all fours.

Pgeist160 - Poster: "The Giant Amazon Queen"

Victorian Freakshows

freak posters | Victorian Freak Show Posters - Kohl &^ Middletons - The Dog…

Fedor Jeftichew (Fyodor Yevtishchev, 1868 - January better known as Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy (later Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Man), was a famous sideshow performer who was brought to the United States of America by P.

Rosa and Josefa.

8 Incredible Vintage Photos of 'Freaks' Who'd Rock AHS: Freak Show


Freaks, Human Oddities, Freak Shows and Side Shows: Part I - Famous Freaks


Osiris Pectoral Necklace of Tutankhamun.

Scarab Pectoral Necklace of Tutankhamun -- Dynasty 18 -- Circa 1323 BCE -- Excavated at -- Belonging to the National Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo.