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5 Date Night Movies That Should Be In Your Netflix Queue

Calls for more drama on BET were met with fear that the network would descend into stereotypes. But, BET can show the truth of Black experience without disgracing the race.

Almost one year ago exactly one month before Gaia came earth side. We had no idea when she would come (medically unassisted pregnancy & birth) and it was such an amazing time of surrender & trust. Feeling inspired to write her birth story soon! I watched a few minutes of the footage the other night and just laughed and laughed over the ecstasy that birth can bring. Feeling called to share more rawly this time about how birth has been such a beautiful intimate and sensual experience for me…

Drink plenty of fluids. Minimum: 8 glasses spaced throughout the day. Purified water with lemon squeezed in it is good. Allow nothing in vagina. No fingers, no tampons, no oral-genital contac…

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Mayim Bialik: Why women shouldn't fear home birth- "Natural birth is not for hippies; it's for anyone who wants to work hard at breaking down what they have been told is true about birth, pain, and the human body and spirit." -Love this!