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بابليون يستذكرون قاسم عجام ويؤكدون أن استهدافه جاء لاغتيال الثقافة العراقية

In the 1920s the Iraq StarGate was uncovered in Baghdad. It was in “Green Zone” during the Iraqi War and was the whole purpose for the war.WMDs were an excuse.The "Green Zone" is the heavily guarded diplomatic/government area of closed-off streets in central Baghdad where US occupation authorities live and work. The Green Zone in the central city includes the palaces of former President Saddam Hussein where the StarGate is located in the basement of the main palace?!

Syria, Iraq. The Truth

The difference between a migrant and refugee, in one sentence

The difference between a migrant and refugee, in one sentence - Europe - World - The Independent

Chevron's CEO Hosts 2013 Security Analyst Meeting Conference (Transcript) -

Extreme weather events, such as these multiple tornadoes, are more likely as a result of climate change. See more:

Ten years of terror: Afghanistan war in pictures

A Canadian soldier shakes hands with an Afghan boy during a joint patrol with Afghan National Army troops near Panjwaii village, Kandahar province,in July 2007

Gulf Keystone Petroleum. Understanding Exactly what’s going on in war torn Iraq! - - #GKP