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بابليون يستذكرون قاسم عجام ويؤكدون أن استهدافه جاء لاغتيال الثقافة العراقية

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SYRIA and IRAQ NEWS: Assad Accuses Coalition of Airstrike on his Army Base Near Deir Ez-Zour - 3 Soldiers dead - But May be Another Russian Mess-Up. #‎Rojava‬ Update 165 - Kurdish YPG Conducts Operation Across the Euphrates to Silence Islamic State Mortars. *For More #Iraq and #Syria News ...* PIC: Picture of the Year in Germany - The Liberation of Kobane:

SYRIA and IRAQ NEWS: In a New Sick Low Assad Supporters Taunt People Starving to Death in Madaya With Pictures of Sumptuous Meals, on Social Media. *For More #Iraq and #Syria News ...* PIC: Man's Inhumanity to Man (courtesy of Carlos Latuff):

#SYRIA and IRAQ NEWS: 03.10.14 The Islamic State are said to be entering the outskirts of Kobane from the south-west. In Homs after a double explosion, Alawites demonstrate and call on Assad's Governor to resign. In #Iraq the Islamic State is now close to taking all of Anbar province, while Coalition forces up their strength. *For More Iraq and Syria News ...* PIC: Double Car Bomb Explosion in Homs Kills Many Children

ISIS News: Mosul Conflict Escalates As Iraq Bombings Kill 20 -

SYRIA and IRAQ NEWS: ‪#‎Kobane‬ ‪#‎Cizire‬ Update 85 - Controversy Surrounds Coalition Airstrike on IS-Held Village - 64 Civilians Now Reported Dead. *For MORE ‪#‎Iraq‬ and ‪#‎Syria‬ News ...* PIC: Kobane Still Full of Danger for Returning Kurdish Children