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Student version of "Making Words" with the silent e pattern.  The hand pointer is used to help decode the word.  They use the pointer, touch the e, reach over the consonant, and say, "Say your name, " then sound out the word.  I coded the cards by their spelling pattern (ake, ine, etc.) with a different color of train, so the children can sort the cards if they get mixed up in the pocket chart.  No more asking you what cards go where.  Just say, "Sort the cards by their train colors and…

This activity is well-loved by students! Incorporate a word sort with a twist by creating a word sort in a bottle! Add dyed rice to a bottle ...

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Bundle - Word Family Making Words Centers - 41 Literacy Centers

This is a zip folder with 41 making words centers for the 41 different word families. Each center allows students to make words using initial sound cards (consonants, vowels, digraphs and blends) and word family cards. Then, they have the opportunity to match the words they have made to pictures available. Simply print, laminate and put this in a center in order to allow kids to practice their word family words over and over. $10.00

It's FREE Smart Board Sunday. Here is a FREE word family sort to use as a whole group mini-lesson or literacy center. There are 5 different word sorts all set up ready to go for your students to use.

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Vowel Digraph Teams Word Sort Set (oi, oy, ai, ay, ou, ow, etc)

This set of 10 vowel digraph (teams) word sorts are the perfect engaging activity for students learning the different vowel spelling patterns. In this station, the student can simply sort the words based on their spellings. They would then need to read all of the words as they sort them or at the end.

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Letter, Word, & Sentence Sort