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Look out! Ice hole!

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Growing Older Humorous Quotes.

Growing Older Humorous Quotes.


Yep haha people at work say I hulk out when i carry heavy stuff!

haha what kind of a sick joke is that..?

Ceitlin L R Smith on

What a terrible design idea? What person is inspired by the idea to design a kids' playground toy off the image of children being graded like fresh cheese! But I guess it's sorta funny.

hairy fat woman bathtub shaving legs with chainsaw razors, cavewomen neanderthal women Spring is coming. spring harvest sign over bathtub,

‘Do One Brave Thing Today’. As you can see from the picture, the whole thing reads: ‘Do One Brave Thing Today … Then Run Like Hell’. This is an absolute. Do One Brave Thing Today

Quand un infirmière n'écoute pas ce que le docteur dit... #castration #humour

Offensive humour is all about offensive jokes, dark humor, funny memes and I am going to hell for this.