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Teen Cell Phone Contract

Letting your children have a cell phone can be a great tool for staying in touch with them and keeping them safe. But cell phone use can also be a point of contention. So, read over our Cell phone Contract with your child and talk about the guidelines. Then, before they make their next call or send their next text have them sign it.

Cell Phone Contract for Teens {FREE Printable!} (Houston Moms Blog)

Taking Control of Technology Before Technology Takes Over Your Family

Feeling unsure about how to handle cell phones, tablets, video games, or computer use in your family? This FREE PRINTABLE for the Family Rules of Technology could be a help! You MUST talk to your kids about using all the technology available properly! Taking Control of Technology Before Technology Takes Over Your Family

The Worst Apps for Kids

There are so many apps available for kids, but often some of the most popular ones, especially among teens and tweens, are not meant for their age group and pose serious safety risks. Do you want to know what apps are the worst for kids? We can tell you about the "Apps you Don't Want on Your Child's Phone"! The Worst Apps for Kids

Cell Phone Rules For Tweens and Teens

Set your child up for success when you first give them the privilege of having their own cell phone. Our simple cell phone contract is a great way to help your child understand the rules that should come when they are first given a cell phone and clearly outline the consequences if those rules aren't followed. Make it easy on all of you to get off on the right path. Cell Phone Rules for Tweens and Teens.

10 Ways to Discipline Your Kids Without Yelling + Free Checklist

Do you find yourself yelling because your child disobeys time and time again? Here are 10 ways to get your kids to listen to you. Toddlers | Parenting | Motherhood | Fatherhood | Parenthood | Mommyhood | Gentle Parenting | Tips & Advice | Children | Childhood | Free Printable

"When you assume the worst about your child, the worst is often all you can see. When you assume the best about your child, they tend to live up to your expectations. Assume the best intentions and the best motivations to grow the best parent/child relationship." L.R.Knost