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Ceramics  : Totem Serving Set

Ceramics : Totem Serving Set

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tea wings

Want to enjoy a charming cup of tea? Try a butterfly tea bag. Designed to perch on your cup, these butterfly tea bags make a great gift for tea lovers.

Plats för tepåse

2013 newly design porcelain cup and saucer with tea bag holder

Buddha Bowl

whant this! Buddha Bowl // These are favorites around here. Holding the mug feels a bit like a meditation.

Kipik Toothpick Holder

28 Practical Yet Clever Gifts That Are Anything But Lame

pretty ceramics

Lucie Rie cup Yumiko Iihoshi ceramics Julian Stair teapot Lucie Rie cup Japanese ceramics fringe and fettle} What is there not too like . my friend and I share a lot of love for.

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Pho Tableware by Omid Sadri “ Omid sadri has designed a Pho tableware set just for the making and serving of Pho. Inspired by the form of a classical Vietnamese lantern, the bowl set here is designed.

These bowls are pretty AWESOME. I want the birds...

thedailywhat: “Critter Crockery of the Day: Geraldine De Beco has taken the traditional “hidden bunny” cereal bowl to the next level by carving clandestine critters directly into her ceramic.

spiral cup  (530×530)

Dancing Cups ~ Ballare (Italian for dance) is a series of ceramic drinking cups by designer Yury Dovganyuk with a twist… literally ~ Inspired by a dancer’s movement, looks like the cup is twirling!

Love the concepto and the colors

Large Tripot - From Portland design studio Pigeon Toe, an unglazed hand-sanded porcelain exterior set atop three tapered legs with a pop of glazed color on the interior.

Amazing - the sugar bowl stays in place while pouring the creamer #productdesign #industrialdesign

Tonfisk design -Newton (Milk + Creamer - sugar bowl stays in place while you tip the pitcher)

Un café?

Sleek, elegant Japanese design: Created by designer Yukio Hashimoto. The pieces are hand crafted using the traditional Japanese craft technique of "wappa" or wood bending. Wooden boards are bent in hot water, creating beautiful curves

Eva Solo Smiley Bowl » Yanko Design  Great Christmas or Christmas gift for me.... In red please

Eva Solo Smiley Bowl Yanko Design Great Christmas or Christmas gift for me. In red please