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What's better than pie? These beautifully photographed seasonal recipes include such delights as a Chocolate & Orange Marmalade Tart in winter, a Strawberry & Rhubarb Ginger Hand Pie in spring, a classic Lattice Top Triple Berry Pie in summer, and Rosemary Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie in autumn. A Basics section offers six piecrust recipes, troubleshooting tips, and advice on selecting seasonal

A tart-sweet, sun-crisped apple plucked from a hundred-year-old tree and eaten out of hand. A mug of hot curried apple soup enjoyed as an autumn lunch. Warm deep-dish apple pie topped with a melting scoop of apple-cinnamon ice cream. Everyone has tasted Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples, but how about Esopus Spitzenbergs or Sweet Sixteens? With more apple varieties available than ever before, how do you choose the right apple for eating, cooking, and baking?

Butchery was nearly a dead art, until a recent renaissance turned progressive meat cutters into culinary cult idols. Inspired by a locally driven, nose-to-tail approach to butchery, this new wave of meat mavens is redefining the way we buy and cook our beef, pork, fowl, and game. The momentum of this revived butcher-love has created a carnivorous frenzy, pulling a new generation of home cooks straight into the kitchen-- Primal Cuts: Cooking with America's Best Butchers is their modern meat…

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman. A tiny kitchen and great eats are the winning formula for popular New York City food blogger Deb Perelman, confessed "picky" and "obsessive" self-taught cook of blogging fame. Click to place a hold.

Pressed for time but still searching for comfort from your kitchen?Ready When You Areoffers more than 200 recipes for dishes that are easy on the cook and a joy for eaters. Drawing on her many years of cooking for friends and family, Martha Rose Shulman shares her favorite recipes for simple yet sophisticated, hearty but not heavy one-dish meals.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Hand Pies - Spring Farmer's Market Recipes