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Love is in the air in the colorful Ulster village of Ballybucklebo, where Dr. Fingal Flahertie O'Reilly has finally proposed to the darling of his youth, Kitty O'Hallorhan. There's a wedding to be planned, but before O'Reilly can make it to the altar, he and his young colleague, Barry Laverty, M.B., must deal with the usual round of eccentric patients and crises both large and small.

Welcome to the colourful Ulster village of Ballybucklebo, where two doctors work hand in hand to mend the bodies and spirits of the town's diverse and engaging inhabitants. But who is looking after the wounded hearts of the doctors?

An Irish Doctor in Peace and at War: An Irish Country Novel (Irish Country Books) by Patrick Taylor

An Irish Country Courtship: A Novel by Patrick Taylor,

Bestseller Books Online An Irish Country Girl: A Novel (Irish Country Books) Patrick Taylor $16.49 -

A cute story by Patrick Taylor, M.D. about two country doctors in Ulster, Ireland. (On loan from Terry Henry, 6/15.)

An Irish Country Girl Readers of Patrick Taylor’s books know Mrs. Kinky Kincaid as the unflappable house-keeper who looks after two doctors in the colourful Irish village of Ballybucklebo. She is a trusted fixture in the lives of those around her, and it often seems as though Kinky has always been