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This monument is so moving - the story behind it, well, you've got to see it! The Children's Holocaust Memorial in Whitwell Tennessee - The German train car filled with paper clips.

Monument to Those Killed and Murdered in the East, Warsaw Raised to honour the memory of Poles who were expelled to labour camps in Siberia and to the victims of the Katyn massacre. Revealed in 1995 on the 56th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s attack on Poland. The monument presents a pile of crosses on an open rail car which sits on a set of tracks. Each rail tie features the name of a town which was a scene of crimes perpetrated against the Poles in the USSR.

The Warsaw Uprising monument was unveiled on Krasinski Square, a site of fierce fighting, on August 1, 1989. It was designed by Professor Wincenty Kucma and architect Jacek Budyn and erected with donated funds. It consists of two groups of sculptures. This group depicts an attack by an insurgent unit.

Black Form--Dedicated to the Missing Jews was created by sculptor Sol LeWitt. It is the sole black form among a group of white geometric forms created by the artist beginning in the 1980s. LeWitt wanted the monument to carry no inscription. The black form alone conveys the absence of the Jewish community.

Monument at Plaszow~Memorial Art at Plaszow Camp

Monument to Dutch Jews killed in Amsterdam ghetto during of the second world war.

Jasenovac Memorial Area, Jasenovac, Croatia. Dedicated to concentration camp victims at the Jasenovac camp, held by the Ustasha. Designed by Bogdan Bogdanović, built in 1966.