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There goes a Tibetan

Crocodile in water tiger on land is a non-profit equal opportunity collection of below-the-belt cheap shots in comic form. Look for updates every Monday morning, the best time of the week for insults.

Cooling down in 1950 NYC look like a good time. #NYC #Summer #NewYork

theniftyfifties: Cooling off in summer… 1950s style. Photo by... (ADORED VINTAGE

Boy named Gurley. An eight year old newsie. 18th & Washington Sts.  Location: St. Louis, Missouri.

Gurley Boy: May St. Boy named Gurley. An eight year old newsie. Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine.

Outdoor school for asthmatics.......   .....this is weird. it reminds me of a dream I had. but it wasn't that we actually had class....it was the ruins of an outside classroom.....my dreams are odd.

Buitenschool in Scheveningen. I was an asthmatic child and attended for a year. All I recall is getting wet in the rain and the spiders on my desk. My lungs cleared and I did feel better!

Egoïste #131 : Uma Thurman

Covering art, fashion and culture, Egoiste magazine is so precious, so chic, so highbrow that it makes your everyday run-of-the-mill periodical look like the Sears catalogue.