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A cult member will begin to recite all the things they think god want's to hear!My precious life, in it's last chapters, is explaining this to would be cult

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"I thought I knew her. I mean, she's my daughter and I should, but every time I look at her there's always a different look in her eyes."

there's this girl in the mirror, i wonder who she is. there is a story in her eyes, lullabies and goodbye.she's hurting inside

"Ignore the people that are trying to discourage you. God didn’t put the promise in them. He put the promise in you." Joel Osteen -There is always going to be someone that thinks they are better than you, someone that no matter what you do, it's wrong...STEP BACK from them. Don't let them steal YOUR JOY or Break YOUR HEART. You are meant to SHINE & I know for SURE. NO ONE will dull MY Spirit EVER again. I PRAY you find the strength to rise above, be kind & be all you can be, help others❤️

☆ "I may not be perfect, but nevertheless, I am a good friend. I am kind, and I am doing the very best I can.

Choosing to  not act on an angry impulse...

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The world needs more love at first sight.

We were just talking about this! The first time he saw me he fell in love. That was a couple years before I ever knew him.

“Be loyal to those who are not present.  In doing so, we build the trust of those who are present.” - Stephen Covey

Quote by Stephen Covey : "One of the most important ways to manifest integrity is to be loyal to those who are not present. In doing so, we build the trust of those who are present.