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Thom and Alicia's daisies and country garden wedding in Gloucestershire, with Joanna Bongard Photography

Remembering Natasha Richardson

★ Four generations of a British acting dynasty: Natasha Richardson ( May 1963 – 18 March her grandmother Rachel Kempson, her mother Vanessa Redgrave, sister Joely Richardson (and Joely’s daughter Daisy)

Conceptual photography is a kind of photography in which the photographer makes a photo based on a concept or idea. He or She is usually trying to deliver a mes(...)

What Kind Of Girl Are You?

{Sorry for the tardiness,I've been running behind on a lot of Rp's. Part 1,Introduction. } "I am Amanda Jackrose, but I go by Mandy. No one knows that I am from the Jackrose family, except a few who have been sworn to secrecy. I was reaped when I was 14, but my best friend,Derek volunteered. He was the last one to die, and I never saw my best friend again.

18 Ridiculously Easy DIY Newborn Photos I Wish I'd Taken