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Saturday's good morning♪Kobe,sunny sky☆Autumn's coming,because volume of the cicada's cry is as small as a half in this street lined with trees.

Good morning☆A wind sounds in the sunny sky in Kobe.The leaves of the trees at Sannomiya east amusement park also stand shaking because of the wind.Are there any big motions beyond the sky? Even if wind is strong,we open as we like(*^_^*)

Kobe's good morning after rain☆Under the cloudy sky,leaves of the tree on my way to work,become yellow so lovelily,makes my heart bright(*^_^*)

Good morning!The last saturday of Jun,it's fantastic blue sky!Our tension's MAX(*^。^*)Above the East Park,the summer clouds are floating,so brilliant☆The manhole cover near Kobe City Hall express nice Kobe's characteristic♡

Good morning☆It's beautiful winter's fine sky in Kobe◎Our new hot drink menu is released♪♡Honey-blueberry-mocha♡Honey-blueberry-chai♡Honey-hot-orange(with rum or not)♡Honey-Shiratama-Zenzai♡