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I really dig this guys hairstyle & beard combo. A longer beard well played!

wisegaymen: “- Wise Gay Men 4279 - ”

I do not think that there has ever been a better combination of beard and tattoos than Ricki Hall. He is by far one of the best looking models I have seen in some time.

beard.  glasses.  tattoos. I'm sorry what were you saying? I lost all concentration

I'm having a little bit of beard/glasses/tattoo fever.

young leo #leonardodicaprio

Black and White beautiful young leonardo dicaprio

Imagem de beard, handsome, and man

Ryan Gosling

No I don't feel better! His eyes are NOT symmetrical. I have ocd, I'm more stressed now than when we started

J Edgar and the hot Armie Hammer on whispereddenials' Blog

Armie Hammer in Mirror, Mirror

Ludwig Blochberger <3

Ludwig Blochberger <3


Ricki Hall - Tattoos and beard!


The Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Men - Part 4

Medium Length Hairstyle for Men

might be one of my favorite trends right now, the samurai pony tail

Now in long hair as a hairstyle is to become a trend, but, how about men with long hair and beards? is the combination of a beard with long hair also to become trendy?

Baron George of Pirate's Swoop. <<<< he would make a great George.

Everything about this man <<<< Çağlar Ertuğrul.quite possibly the hottest Turkish man I've ever seen.


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Leonardo Dicaprio  *Jack*

Young Leonardo Dicaprio (there was more room on that damn door, he should have lived.

bearded man + tattoos

Skateboard, beard, long hair tied up

Patsy Ann was first introduced in June 1929, just months prior to the Stock Market crash in October. She followed the success of her smaller (14”) sister Patsy.

Patsy Ann was first introduced in June just months prior to the Stock Market crash in October. I have my mother's Patsy Ann doll.