Pensar como ingeniero IV.- La repetición tiene el propósito de producir una huella sistemática...

This is a fully functional K'nex Harmonograph (or more specifically a Pintograph, since it uses rotating disks and not pendulums). Two sets of gearboxes, the.



My two-pendulum Harmonograph - YouTube

I've build this Harmonograph by myself for a design project dealing with music-visualization. The ratio between the two pendulums visualising the ratio betwe.

Have to think how to build such a vertical Harmonograph by my own "Y

Harmonograph Running

Peter Pan toy harmonograph up and running to see how it works and how to improve on the design, plenty of room for improvement there!

drawing machine arduino circles - Buscar con Google

"The Drawing Deck", one of the hand operated drawing machines I designed and built this year at college

Harmonograph: Art and Physics 2 - YouTube

Harmonograph: Art and Physics 2

"Spiro" - A 5' diameter, wall mounted spirograph

"Spiro" - a 5' Diameter, Wall Mounted Spirograph

Love spirograph, but want to start making wall sized poster art instead of tiny little pictures? Look no further - this is a diameter version which is built to.