So cute & this goes to show staffies should not all be tarred with the same brush. This should be used on advert to promote the other side of these fantastic dogs :)

Your typical violent and aggressive pit bull. I love his big smile. look at that smile!

Funny pictures about Show me son. Oh, and cool pics about Show me son. Also, Show me son.

Give them the side eye

Pit bulls can be soo sweet. My friend has a pit bull mix and he's the sweetest thing can you people think pits are dangros some can be sweet and some need help and think what you do be for you do it thank you

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Watch pit bulls and parolees and pit boss on Animal Planet! I have a new found love for Pitt bulls! That's so what I was thing of pitbulls

This smart baby FOUND her forever home - you can read her story here:

Stop demonizing breeds and start blaming those who are really responsible for dog attacks: irresponsible owners and dog fighters.

I feel the same way about spiders

"There was a spider on the floor!" [Given my own fear of spiders I might actually step into a toilet to get away from them!

Thats one of the reasons why i love pittbulls

This is so true. My uncles and dads dogs sleep so normal. & my 2 pitt bulls sleep like that all the time haha

pitbull mama & pup

There’s Nothing Like A Mother