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PIN IT TO WIN IT! Engraved Heart: Engraved Heart pendant representing the love that binds. The Engraved Heart is a stainless steel PVD gold "3D" moon engraved heart pendant with modern design. $29.99

PIN IT TO WIN IT! Clear Heart: This Stainless Steel Pendant with "LOVE" Heart with Multiple is sure to win many hearts with its uniquely innovative design, with a sparkling jewel center it is a remarkable piece of craft. This beautiful pendant around your neck will surely make you feel complete and special. $39.00

PIN IT TO WIN IT! Star Cross Key:Unlock the secret to love with this heart key pendant! Made out of surgical grade stainless steel with wood inlay and cubic zirconia, this pendant will surely be the key to the heart! $49.99


Optimum - Gray Streak Tough Looking Spinner Chain Stainless Steel Band

PIN IT TO WIN IT! Gray Streak: This ring is a sleek stainless steel band that features a tough looking chain for a dash of refined style. $29.99

PIN IT TO WIN IT! Bold Black Silver: This heart key pendant with a CZ cross in middle will remind you how even a tiny spec of light can bring positive energy in your heart. $49.99

PIN IT TO WIN IT! The Queens Heart: The Queen's Heart pendant is simple and elegant. Find elements of love and hearts inlayed in rose gold colored stainless steel set on the polished steel heart backing. The shiny finish around the edge beautifully matches the center rose finish, Surprise the one you love with this timeless masterpiece.$39.00

PIN IT TO WIN IT! Steel Square: Steel square stainless steel necklace is a tapestry of pattern, shape, and form that is definitely unexpected. $129.99


Roman Times - Stainless Steel Hinged Hoop Earrings with Engraved Roman Numerals

PIN IT TO WIN IT! Roman Times: These stainless steel hinged hoop earrings with engraved Roman numerals are the eighth hidden sin; forbidden from the sight. These elegant looks will make you go gaga. This fine piece of jewelry is beautifully crafted to match your level of style.The Roman numerals around the earrings are simply gorgeous and are hard to resist. $19.99

PIN IT TO WIN IT! Chainsaw: Chainsaw stainless steel bracelet blends cutting edge style with industrial strength material that represents your strength and resilience. $89.99

PIN IT TO WIN IT! Curve Croc: This Stainless Steel Ring with Croc Skin Design Inlay gives a natural style for its creative design blended with nature, with gloss finish and a clear groove around the edge, it still keeps up with your style. $29.99