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Don't let it fool you <3!

Don't let the eyeliner and perfume fool you. She can go from make up to mud in 2 seconds flat.

Ha! I will have to remember this line

I'm so going to say this to a really annoying guy in my Japanese class tomorrow. What's funny because he has like 5 siblings which is gross (I hate children).

Top 30 #Cute #Love #Quotes For Someone Special

5 Free Printables to use for Project Life

Thinking we could print a bunch of cute "heart" themed quotes and put them in black dollar store frames around the house? She can keep them up for Valentines Day and then re-use the frame

Ive learned after a few times...

15 Celebrity Breakup Quotes to Mend Your Shattered Heart-- thank goodness zip don't need, but they are some wise words.

So true!!

It's funny how someone who was just a stranger last year, can mean so much to you now. It's terrible how someone who meant so much to you last year, can be just a stranger now. It's amazing what a year can do.


Reading fiction 'improves empathy', study finds

Fools take a knife and stab people in the back. The wise take a knife, cut the cord, and set themselves free from the fool.

I feel as though I shall always be that girl.

Ok that is what's wrong with folks today. Go shopping and have together all day and then go camping and sit on the tailgate with the bonfire. BTW guys, a girl that gets to shop all day will be a lot of fun at the bonfire!

Insult a Capricorn and they will Kill You with Silent Treatment and Ignore your Whole Existence...

Insult a Capricorn and they will kill you with the silent treatment and ignore your whole existence.so true.I'm a Capricorn, through and through.