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This cracks me up! This would be Cameron instead of a dog though

13 Monsters of Destruction Masquerading as Dogs

So I'm just sitting here and the whole dang thing explodes! I'm just as surprised as you are. Great Dane just destroyed the couch / sofa

That's okay, my Dane also thinks the meter man is shifty 20 Funny Photos of Guilty Great Danes

Our Great Dane Eli has issues with the Meter Man because he comes so close to the house. He jumped up on the window and broke it! His sign says, “I think the Meter Man is SHIFTY! so I broke t…

Haaaaaaaaaaa hahaha

damnrightdoxie: Not my marriage of course, but still funny and cute dachshunds. Thanks Tarver

Don't forget your your yoga pants that have never been to yoga!

Going to Walmart funny quotes memes quote dogs meme funny quotes humor funny animals.seen a lot worse than hair rollers at Walmart

funny animals quotes pictures 259 (57 pict) | Funny pictures

Lab puppy as cute as can be. It's fun watching puppies figure things out, just like our children.

So cute

DOES YOUR DOG smile when they are happy? I know my dogs smile when they see a tennis ball, or a pool, or dinner! Post a pic of your.


Funny pictures about My bacon brings all the boys to the yard. Oh, and cool pics about My bacon brings all the boys to the yard. Also, My bacon brings all the boys to the yard.