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Gorgeous horse under an autumn red tree.

Beautiful Chestnut horse with white socks and a long blonde mane standing under an autumn tree with leaves falling. Mystic is her name. Such a pretty horse.

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Friesian black horse stallion dressage baroque, mare and foal, gorgeous horse running in their pasture, field, black beauty.

awwww!  Tears filled my eyes when I saw this.  And some people put horses down for an injury like this right!?!?!?

This horse broke his leg during a race. As he was not going to compete anymore his owner decided to send him to slaughter. Fortunately an animal sanctuary rescued him, giving him the opportunity to live in a home where he is respected.

Pinto baby :) #horses #beautiful #country For more Cute n' Country visit: www.cutencountry.com and www.facebook.com/cuteandcountry

Foal playing in pasture - Haylos Paint Farm. I like the color variations in this photo. By Fire & Earth photography.

Royal Hit  Oldenburg by Royal Dance  Wow what a horse !  German warmblood origin

Royal Hit Oldenburg by Royal Dance. just gorgeous! I love warmblood stallions

Big Jake. Tallest living horse. 20.2 hands

In Guinness World Records recognized a Belgian named Big Jake as the tallest living horse. Big Jake stands at an impressive 20 hands. Wow, the biggest horse I've met (Gracie!

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Getting and keeping your reluctant horse to go forward in an active walk - This only seems to happen with Jay in the school. (And yes, I would be wearing a hat.

A huge hug for a huge horse. The horse is hugging back (with his eyes closed), how sweet

Funny pictures about A Big Hug From a Gentle Giant. Oh, and cool pics about A Big Hug From a Gentle Giant. Also, A Big Hug From a Gentle Giant photos.

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Oh my gosh I want them both!!

Falabella horses are the cutest things ever. An adult is about as big as a lab dog if not smaller. I can't imagine how cute their foals are.

Christine Stevenson & Markant  Beautiful and balanced

Horses were not made to be our slaves for entertainment or "sport". And get that stupid bit out their mouth.