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Yo no soy tu hermano gemelo. I'm not a look-alike! quiere reunir 200 fotos en blanco y negro de personas con parecido físico pero sin parentesco, que el fotógrafo François Brunelle busca por todo el mundo.

For his series I'm Not a Look-Alike, Canadian photographer François Brunelle took 200 photos of people who look like identical twins—but actually aren't even related. A CUP OF JO: Who do you look like?

Contrastes de la sociedad en usa

Polygamist vs Pimp - Created Equal by Mark Laita "At the heart of this collection of diptychs is my desire to remind us that we are all equal, until our environment, circumstances or fate molded and weathered us into whom we have become.

Created Equal Photography- Mark Laita

& Equal& is an incredible photo project by Detroit-born photographer Mark Laita that explores the contrasts between different social backgrounds.

Parecidos. Actividad: http://espagnol.hispania.over-blog.com/article-los-gemelos-122079859.html

'No soy único': El proyecto que une a desconocidos que se parecen a desconocidos (FOTOS)

Believe it or not these 2 are not even related. "I'm not a Lookalike" project showcases strangers who look like twins. Can you say doppleganger? by 62 year old Montreal based photographer Francois Brunelle

They are not twins, not even relatives!

I’m not a look-alike! is a project by Canadian photographer François Brunelle. His goal is to take 200 photos of unrelated doppelgangers


Strangers but similar - Francois Brunelle ,Photographer - Separated at birth

I'm Not a Look-Alike! - The pairs in these images are not twins - or even related. Instead, they're strangers that Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle photographed together: a project called "I'm Not a Look-Alike!" He spent 12 years tracking down people with eerily similar features. Pictured here: Normand Lévesque, Claude Mauffette

Strangers who look like twins: ‘I’m Not a Look-Alike’

Photographer Francois Brunelle releases portraits of perfect strangers who look like twins.

Si conoces a una persona con la que te han confundido, un doble o sosias, pero…

Fotografías de dobles no emparentados

François Brunelle’s “I’m Not a Look-Alike” project is a collection of 200 photographs of people who appear to be twins but in fact are not.

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I’m not a look-alike – 17 portraits of lookalikes without any family ties by François Brunelle