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Aquarius mentality: I am who I am, for better or for worse, what you see is what you get, accept me for me or don't waste my time.

I'm not an Aquarius, but this is basically me

It takes a lot to hurt an Aquarius, but when they do get hurt it hits them hard like a ton of bricks. And it hurts like two tons of bricks.

Aquarius-Mmm yep pretty dangerous when they get to that silent hurt point fun fact, aquarius fact, zodiac sign, facts about aquarius

Aquarius are quiet thinkers

Horoscope Du Jour : Description That’s why I write paragraphs when I’m upset or passionate towards something. I think about it for a long time then write a big paragraph or say a lot when I’m serious. Source for the post: Click

AN AQUARIUS/AQUARIAN <{■}■}> Our Mindset is so FAR into THE FUTURE... Because we Go BACK and FORTH into the  FUTURE SO MANY TIMES... It's Hard for PEOPLE to Truly UNDERSTAND THEM <\|<■>}<■>|/>

Zodiac signs - Aquarius Very true. I've lost a lot of respect for people because they broke promises. Don't promise anything unless you will go through with it. Otherwise you're just a coward.

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Uuuuummmmm "not always" but yes l am my own person not a typical Aquarius whose does not show feelings or stay distant