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The recent rain storms here in Southern California have brought some relief in the form of snow for the higher latitude. Hopefully, all of the precipitation will bring us out of the drought, but we…

The Pleiades.

Find out information about the Pleiades, the star cluster that can be observed anywhere in the world. Learn about their definition, the lost sister and the Pleiades as a source of timekeeping, as a calendar.

Walking past an orange field in Southern California.

Walking By An Orange Field In Southern California

Canadian Landscapes - GhostBearPhotography.com #nationalparks #jasper

Thunderstorms can be fun, but after a series of vicious storms that robbed Ghost Bear of their tent, Simon Jackson will never think of them the same way.

Sporadic Fireworks: Part 1

Sporadic fireworks view on the night of July

The Southern California Sky

The Southern California Sky

Amazing Photography, Southern California

Moon in the sky.

I always love spotting the moon in the sky up in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Late afternoon in Southern California with the view of palm trees, and an orange field.

The late afternoon is always my favorite time here in Southern California. Just before sunset I took some pictures of this beautiful orange field, which has a few palm trees next to it.

Snow In Southern California

Snow In Southern California

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