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This Is No Ordinary Scandal

Peggy Noonan - This Is No Ordinary Scandal

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Peggy Noonan on NOM's Case: IRS Can't Plead Incompetence

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The IRS Can't Plead Incompetence

Peggy Noonan on the IRS incompetence defense..."Why did all the incompetent workers misunderstand their jobs and their mission in exactly the same way? Wouldn't general incompetence suggest both liberal and conservative groups would be abused more or less equally, or in proportion to the number of their applications? Wouldn't a lot of left-wing groups have been caught in the incompetence net? Wouldn't we now be hearing of honest and aggrieved statements from indignant progressives...?

New IRS Scandal Wrinkle Has Echoes of Watergate - it has the potential to be a doozy, notes Politico. Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal just a wee bit skeptical. Nothing about this on NBC, ABC and NBC - - Because they are protecting democrats from a cover up.

This IRS thing is something I’ve never seen in my lifetime.” Jon Stewart is quick to remind us of the Iran Contra fiasco. Noonan is on record defending Reagan, saying “Iran Contra was “unlucky” and a “mistake.” I could go on, but Stewart does a hysterical and brilliant job of pointing out Republican hypocrisy. You’ll laugh so hard, you’ll weep—because what he says is true.

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031010_teaparty_CFW- Peggy Knight, of Arvada, waves her flag during a 'Taxpayer Day' rally outside the State Capitol in Denver, CO. Americans for Prosperity Colorado joined with The 9.12 Project Colorado Coalition, The Gadsden Society, The Independence In

IRS hasn’t stopped targeting conservative groups, federal appeals court finds

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Noonan: A Battering Ram Becomes a Stonewall

Noonan: A Battering Ram Becomes a Stonewall: The IRS's leaders refuse to account for the agency's corruption and abuse - "I don't know." "I don't remember." "I'm not familiar with that detail." "It's not my precise area." "I'm not familiar with that letter." These are quotes from the Internal Revenue Service officials who testified this week before the House and Senate. That is the authentic sound of stonewalling, and from the kind of people who run Washington in the modern age.