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I would seriously love to hear them trying to speak in an Irish accent :L

Awww they talk in an Irish accent for him (: how adorable

niall. so freaking clever

my boyfriend (yeah right) is a genius! vas-happenin-one-direction

Essential Guy Style Rules That’ll Help You Look Taller And now 6 years , 242 awards ❤ whatcha gotta say loves

The Wanted have only been around 4 years. And they only have one major award. Get the facts right :)

one direction facts | One Direction Cute facts on we heart it / visual bookmark #20601615

Zayn:) Haahaa he seems like my kind of guy:) the best of all of the boys in OneDirection

U will be foreva judged if u dont repin dis. Dis iz da cutest thing eva.

Imagine Niall trying to make you laugh "I know you like it when I do this face." "I knew it" he says when you laugh.

:D Hopefully they aren't creeped out by us XD The possibilities for this are endless 0.0

:D Hopefully they aren't creeped out by us XD The possibilities for this are endless

Niall does not smoke, Niall has no tattoos, Niall has no drama, Niall is a good Irish Catholic, Niall believes all girls are beautiful just the way they are, Niall calls his future wife, even though he hasn't met her yet, Princess, Niall loves kids, Niall is carefree, Niall is fun, Niall is funny, Niall can wiggle his nose like a little bunny, Niall eats a lot. I love Niall. oh god help here comes the feels..... HELP ME!!!!!!!!

The most absolutely wonderfully beautifully perfect person on the face of earth.these are the reasons I love him xxxxxx

niall horan fact

I want to believe stuff like this but it's hard when like the one girl he dates is a Victoria secert model

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The Boys' Birthplace and Birth Year

one direction facts | Tumblr Plz lose ur phones! Lol.

One Direction Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomilson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik ~EN