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hahahaha had someone like this until i got tired of fooling with her....this is perfect

I'm glad that, despite the changes in your life, we can still be friends at periodic intervals convenient for you. I'm afraid people think this about me but maintaining any kind of friendship is hard work, especially when you're already drowning.

Cuz frankly i really don't flippin care what you are doing! So stop calling me and acting like we are friends. Since we both know you just feel the need to "keep tabs" on what I'm up to so you can compete!

Feels good to drop toxic people and drama from your life❤️

When you stop being an asshole

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Flakey people are just as bad as liars. Haha! I know two friends like this!

Probably bugs me he most when people say they'll come somewhere with you or to an event then make up dumb excuses as to not and bail last minute. Just say no.

You know who you are....and why you ARENT now

I wish I could say this to some people, but my southern upbringing just says, "bless their ever lovin' heart"!

I'm glad I'm not who they they I am...pretty sure that person they say I am is really who they are

Im tired of being the bigger person. One day, Id like to be the bitch they claim I am.

Old people coming at me like: you're too young to be tired. Well okay Carrol, you're too old to be alive but here we are.

15 things only nurses will find funny nurse humor Old people coming at me like: youre too young to be tired. Well okay Carrol, youre too old to be alive but here we are.