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hahahaha had someone like this until i got tired of fooling with her....this is perfect

Sometimes I wonder how you sleep at night, then I remember you are a self centered asshole with no conscience.

I'm all for an occasional selfie. But when that's all you look like a fool!

This is just something you learn as you get older. You can't assume anyone will be there at any given time. My friends all have busy lives. But I have really been disappointed in family who promised this.

Sad but true!!

I dont mean to interrupt people tshirt

i dont mean to interrupt people tshirt – Shirtoopia

Are you just too stupid to realize that you are a hypocrite?

Well hello there friend of convenience. What fantastic news about your life would you like to brag about now?

I love that moment when you're ready to go to sleep, then your brain goes, "just kidding! Remember all this stuff you're stressing about?" | Cry For Help Ecard |