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¡Milagro! El Santo Niño de la APPO reapareció en Oaxaca. Dentro de una urna, con el paliacate rojo cubriendo su rostro, la boina negra con una estrella roja de cinco picos sobre su cabeza, cuerpo de resina, y una bazuca de tubos PVC en la espalda, encabezó la multitudinaria marcha del magisterio y los padres de familia del pasado 27 de mayo.

This is a nice example of a half (tree) gourd that has been covered with black pigment. The design of interlocking fish and other sea creatures is incised through the pigment. This was made by a young master carver from Pinotepa de Don Luis Oaxaca named Olegario Hernandez. Sr. Hernandez had come to Oaxaca to demonstrate gourd carving and sell his works at the APPO cultural festival in February 2009


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Rock n Roll Apocalypse | mismatched knee guards, embellished glove

Marriage: Not What It Used to Be

Marriage and relationship advice has changed as the institutions evolve.

Richard Appleton, a poet, editor, author and a member of Sydney Push, provides fresh and valuable insights into Australia’s evolving society, politics and culture over the second half of the 20th century.

Mara Triangle - Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya — by rabbit.Hole

Maasai warriors doing the jump dance. It's also know as Adumu or Aigus, which means