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The people that are there for you on your darkest nights are the ones worth spending your brightest days with.

I have found the one whom my soul loves. I have to put this on my wedding invitations!

Wedding Stamp I have found the one whom my soul loves stamp Bible Verses about Love Rubber Stamp A111

I have found THE one whom my soul loves Love of your life Great wedding program or invite quote / scripture Song of Solomon

Everyone you meet knows something you dont.  People are always happy to share their experience and wisdom if you are prepared to listen.

Bill Nye Quote, what a great thing for our E-gifted scholars to keep in mind and ask people questions to learn from the people they meet!


Something that I have overcome…moving forward, putting all the negative people and things behind, and sticking to all that is positive!

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Priorities: When someone tells you they are too "busy". It's not a reflection of their schedule; it's a reflection of YOUR post on their schedule.

I’m learning the hard way. Trust and Honesty are the most important foundation of any relationship

Life has taught me that you can’t control someone’s loyalty. No matter how good you are to them, doesn’t mean they’ll treat you the same. No matter how much they mean to you, doesn’t mean they’ll value you the same. Sometimes the people you love the most,

Wake Up...Kick Ass...Be Kind

Wake up, kick ass, be kind and repeat. Make this a part of your daily routine and we guarantee that you will be great. This is my kind of quote

That was me but you choose to lie, deceive, and treat me like an option. You'll never find anyone to love and care for you like me, i was the one......Amanda (Mandy) Marie Burrows you'll see....

Husband Love Quotes: Find arms that will hold you at your weakest times, eyes that will see your beauty at your ugliest times and a heart that will love you at your worst.

Gracia Dios por El por todo tus Bendiciones

What it is mean to happen will always find a unique, magical and wonderful way to reveal itself.

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Picture Quotes - Sometimes you have to get Knocked Down lower than you've ever been, to Stand up Taller than you than Ever Were.

Walk away from people who are constantly angry, the battle is with themselves.

There are some people who seem angry and continuously look for conflict. Walk away. The battle they are fighting isn't with you.

There are moments which mark your life. Moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same and time is divided into two parts, before this, and after this. Sometimes you can feel such a moment coming. That's the test, or so I tell myself. I tell myself that at times like that, strong people keep moving forward anyway, no matter what they're going to find." . John Hobbes, "Fallen"

There are moments which mark your life. Moments when you realize nothing will…