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How do you solve a problem like diarrhoea?

We were encouraged to find entrepreneurs acting innovatively and creatively: ColaLife , for example, is using Coca Cola’s distribution channels to carry life-saving medicines to remote communities

ViSi Mobile system straps to a patient's wrist, lets doctors track vitals with a smartphone

Almost every shop in rural Africa stocks Coca-Cola, yet in those same areas children die of curable illnesses every day. One man decided to make Coca-Cola’s slogan a reality and show the people of Africa that life really does begin here.

This aid kit is designed to nestle between Coca-Cola bottles to bring medicine to remote locations through the drinks company's vast distribution channels.

Some people say there are 4 Ps of marketing, some say there are 5, and others still say there are 7 or even 8. But as far as I know Packaging isn’t on any of the lists. However, just recently the Design Museum announced that its 2013 award for Best Product was going to Kit Yamoyo, an anti-diarrhoea kit containing essential medicines and products that could play an important role in tackling the second biggest cause of death of children in low-income countries every year.

The design museum awarded the best product prize to The Kit Yamoyo medicine container for developing countries by ColaLife and PI Global. The kit, cleverly designed to fit between bottles of Coca-Cola when packed for transportation, is to be distributed across Zambia to help treat diarrhea, which ColaLife states is the second biggest killer of children in the developing world.

Colalife is a campaign and system design for transporting social products, such as re-hydration salts and high-dose vitamin a tablets into developing countries through the coca-cola distribution system. while shipping these products to remote villages in developing countries would prove very costly for a non-profit company, by sending them with crates of coca-cola, the cost is made next to zero. the system uses airpods which are specially designed to fit into crates of coke.

Thórunn Árnadóttir: In old fisherman's cottage in Iceland. Backrest gone half seat gone legs loose, but "fixed" with a string