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Ron could feel His heart beating so fast as He walked closer

bending scrolls!

The Last Airbender Element Bending Instructions. I want this as a poster for my walls!

The best of Toph, blind jokes are the best

The best of Toph, blind jokes are the best <<<my sister is blind in one eye and almost in the other and toph was and still is her favorite character. She uses blind jokes all the time!

Avatar Aang, you want to take him seriously, but you know that that's physically impossible

Mustaches are overrated!

Growing a beard will solve all of your problems From this. :)> (lol I saw this for Kyoshi she said to kill them all in bathe in their blood )

Art WHY?!?!? *sniff* harry-potter-harry-harry-potter

Thank you for the face, David Tennant. That pretty much sums it up. Im so sad now.

This is amazing

lol Poor cabbage guy always lost his cabbages. This is the REAL Avatar and is one of my all time favs!