These sneaky seated moves firm and burn your body much more than you'd think.

The Most Deceiving Workout Ever!

Is this the most deceiving workout ever? These toning exercises will give you a full-body strength and cardio workout while sitting in a chair.

SEATED Cardio, Strength + Abs | FULL BODY Ladder Workout with a CHAIR ... You can stay SEATED and still get sweaty!  Follow along with this 35 minute full body CARDIO, STRENGTH + ABS workout that you can do from a CHAIR.  All bodyweight exercises are performed in a LADDER style for high volume work that will shape and strengthen your body.  Find more FREE workout videos at

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20 Min Exercise for Seniors, Elderly, & Older People - Seated Chair Exercise Senior Workout Routines

Core Workout Program (Seated Exercises) for Seniors by Curtis Adams

Core Strengthening Exercises for Seniors. Part of the series: Exercise for Seniors. Core strengthening exercises for seniors can be done seated in a chair, i.

Sit Down for a Great Cardio Workout!

Chair Cardio Workout - Do you sit at a desk all day? Are you confined to a chair? Do you struggle with mobility issues? This short and simple cardio workout will elevate your heart rate to burn calories and fat in j