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Matisse Cut Out. #matisse #cutouts This last art of Matisse's long and productive career shows how even when we're old, we can still create joyful work. So inspirational.

Interview with Ben Kwok aka. Bioworkz

Getting tired of my typical sharpie line project. But this is a cool idea... taking an object or animal and filling with line pattern. But I think instead of leaving background blank I'd fill it with pattern as well so the object is somewhat camouflaged.

NADIA: In this example, the designer has made use of biro ink to sketch 6 different types of pens. Then using those specific pens sketched, they have written text alongside each one. It is evident from the various thickness of the handwriting which ink belongs to which pen. The whole idea behind this image was to answer a question the designer is asked most, that is, "What pens do you use?"