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Wood Walls Ideas To Create A Beautiful Scenes

Lacy I was thinking if you added onto that living room juswt to have a bunk room and make the other room for toys......wall to wall bed and a little desk for homework and nothing else......everything else in the other room may be you could even do 3 beds!

A beautiful Moon roof - the next best thing to sleeping under the stars, especially on a full moon evening like tonight. Would you install this in your home?

These 12 Designs Are So Brilliant Perfect That They'll Change Your Life. I Love #1.

Cool bed furniture via I love creative designs and unusual ideas on Facebook

You don't even have to use this for firewood, it could make a crazy planter if you've got the skill!

I so want a tiny reading nook/creative work-space out in the woods away from the main house... maybe a converted boat house.

Hideout Bali Ummm wow!! It probably won't surprise you to know I am a bit partial to searching airbnb and finding cool places to s...