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“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” - Plato We hope you agree and that you’ll join us in making this a Weekend of Kindness. Why not round up a few friends and volunteer at a local animal shelter, organize a park clean-up, or drop by a local retirement community to serenade its residents? Or you may want to focus on our #GetKind theme for the month, education. There’s no limit to the ways you can be kind or the fun you can have while you #getkind!

Ready to #getkind? This month our kindness theme is helping the environment. We hope you’ll take a moment or two today to do something kind for our planet and that you’ll make plans to show Mother Earth a little goodwill throughout the month. Pick up some litter, volunteer a few hours at a local park or wildlife refuge, plant a flower (or two or four for twenty,) or give a potted flower to someone who needs a smile. It doesn’t matter how large or small, every act of kindness counts.

Be a RAKtivist

Be a RAKtivist-Celebrate February, the month of love, with Random Acts of Kindness. The post includes dozens of ideas that kids and adults can do and a fun way to track it. #RAKtivist #kindness

Cyndi Lauper Opens Shelter for Homeless LGBT Youth

"Cyndi Lauper Opens Shelter for Homeless LGBT Youth. True Colors Residence will be first facility of its kind in New York City."

Carousel Photograph - Jubilant- Light - Carnival - Original Signed Fine Art Photograph

I just want to make people smile or laugh everyday. Even if I don't feel like it I want to show them it's okay to feel a certain way as long as you keep going. & it's okay if people don't understand you and not do what you want them to, Keep loving them.