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Arco de Legolas "Mirkwood" - El Señor de los Anillos  [AGDLXLB]. I would just DIE if I could show up to archery with this bow <3

Legolas "Mirkwood" I would just DIE if I could show up to archery with this bow

homemade archery target.  Feed bags for cheap and stuff with clothing.  Vs - 18$ a bale for hay.  I would have had to get 6+ bales...

Fantastic idea, on how to make your own cheap archery targets! Archery targets for Hole in the Wall Gang Campers. Volunteer Project Instructed by CorpsGiving

A bow quiver! As soon as I actually buy a re-curve bow, I will make one of these.

Handy-dandy bow holster for all your horse-riding, archery purposes. If only I had a horse. amd a bow.

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Bow stands for target practice

PVC pipes turned into bow stands. complete with arrow holders! How handy for target practice! Little different style. still no measurements

Archery target stand...build stage 2.

Archery target stand - Add horse stall mats from tractor supply behind targets and wooden backstop.

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Bow and arrow holder made from pvc pipe, great for home archery ranges.

Bow Stand DIY Archery

DIY Bow Stand for the Archery Shooting Range

DIY 2x4 bow stand

DIY Archery Bow Stand using & screw in ladder hangers! Tired of laying you bow in the damp grass and dirt in between rounds at the target range.

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For many years the excellence of Turkish bows could be seen from historical records. The record distance in the Ottoman period for an arrow shot was.