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Scarecrow's 'Messianic' pose alarms Christians

Easy Sundial Paper Plate Craft. That's a fun idea and would make a great homeschool project getting them to plot the sun moving the shadow round.

from e.a. deverell

Try/Fail Cycle (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Try/fail cycles help your character prove their worth. You can use this writing worksheet to help you brainstorm.

Here's 3 ideas I've learned from reading bestselling novels on how to write "un-put-downable" chapter endings...

from TED Blog

How to tell a great story, visualized

Andrew Stanton, the Pixar writer and director behind both Toy Story and WALL-E, has many ideas, and he shared his expertise in his TED Talk, The clues to a great story (link in article). Below, see his golden rules of storytelling visualized by Karin Hueck and Rafael Quick of the Brazilian culture and science magazine Superinteressante. -- How to tell a great story, visualized | TED Blog

from Pema Donyo

Four Writing Lessons from Stephen King

I finally had the chance to read On Writing by Stephen King and I highly recommend it. King’s memoir has plenty of hilarious anecdotes from his life, and his book is also full of wisdom about…

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from Alyssa Hollingsworth

Worldbuilding: 10 Questions to Create Fictional Cultures

The way I build worlds is by collecting cool stuff from the history, myth and people around me. I blend these details with my own imagination, and create my own cultures. Normally there are a few p...

How to make a scarecrow (scare-bot style): There’s no place like a homegrown veggie garden, so protect it from unwelcome feathered visitors with this super scare-bot. It’s the perfect project to make with your kids and – by giving used cans and utensils new life – it also provides a great lesson in upcycling.