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DANIELLE - A1076465 - - Manhattan Please Share: **TO BE DESTROYED 06/10/16** Danielle lived with SEVENTEEN other cats, three small dogs, and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay, just kidding about the partridge, but seriously—seventeen other cats, three dogs, yet only Danielle and 2 other cats were taken to the ACC when their owner became “too sick” to care for them? Something is rotten here, and it’s NOT Danielle! Danielle is guesstimated to be abou

EMI - A1092607 - - Manhattan *** TO BE DESTROYED 10/22/16 *** EMI LIVED WITH LITTLE KIDS….Ages one through three. After three years, EMI’s owner claims they are allergic. However, they took EMI to the vet and she has rashes that need treatment and they have also decided they can’t afford that! Gentle EMI is AVERAGE rated and has not lived with other animals but lived happily with the children. The ACC suspects her rashes may be to fleas or possibly to foo

DAISY - A1039109 - - Manhattan ** TO BE DESTROYED 06/10/15 *** DAISY AND TUXEDO ARE HOUSEMATES ON THE LIST TONITE…..Their third housemate OCA was on the list last night and his status is unknown. All three were rescued as strays but now are at the ACC due to landlord issues. DAISY is SPAYED but TUXEDO is not neutered. They are both 8 months old and have a high energy level so they will keep you busy!! All three cats got along with each other……NOW IS THE T

ASHTON - A1041783 - - Staten Island *** TO BE DESTROYED 07/06/15 *** ACC SEEKS TO DESTROY TERRIFIED TWO YEAR OLD…ASHTON is a tabby girl trapped on Staten Island and brought into the ACC…..All ASHTON wants is out of the ACC but not in the way they want to get her out tomorrow at noon….FOSTERS SAVE LIVES!! We can’t say it enough…..frightened cats like ASHTON need time and patience….IF YOU HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT FOSTERING, NOW IS THE TIME. IT&

UNIVERSITY - A1038810 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 06/10/15*** SENIOR BOY UNIVERSITY FOUND HIS WAY INTO THE ACC AS A STRAY AND SADLY TESTED POSITIVE FOR FIV – NOW THEY ARE PLANNING TO END HIS LIFE AT NOON!! UNIVERSITY sounds like a smart cat – and he is – because he knows that the shelter is not a good place to be. UNIVERSITY was brought in as a stray without any background information. He is not happy and very afraid and was slapped with the New Hop

BISCUIT - A1036913 - - Manhattan ***TO BE DESTROYED 06/01/15*** PLAYFUL BISCUIT LOVES TO RUN AROUND THE HOUSE AND IS GOOD WITH KIDS AND OTHER CATS- YET BISCUITS OWNER DUMPED HIM WHEN HE MOVED TO A CAT FRIENDLY APARTMENT!! BISCUIT is a kitty with a lot of energy and LOVES to play. In fact some people asked the owner if his cat thought he was a dog!!! BISCUIT is good with other cats and he was said to just love to be around everyone. This social kitty is now being killed be

MAXIE - A1032713 *** TO BE DESTROYED 04/25/15 **** NEW FURNITURE TRUMPS MAXIE!! MAXIE'S owners never gave her a scratching post and when they decided to get new furniture they casually discarded her at the ACC.....MAXIE has quite a lot to recommend her.....She has lived with children, dogs and another cat and gotten along with everybody. She is just 5 years old and healthy except for the lovely cold that the ACC gave her...THIS CAT IS A PRIZE!! IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A FAMILY CAT OR A CAT…

COPPER - A1039159 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 06/16/15***TERRIFIC BEGINNER TUX NEEDS YOU-BE COPPER’S RESCUE ANGEL! A person might think the ACC would hesitate to kill a highly adoptable one year old beginner rated cat like Copper but a person would be wrong. The ACC have no hesitation about killing this kitty, despite everything about him that screams “great family pet.” Copper is young, sociable, and friendly. He enjoys great health and has a super perso

LIGHTNING - A1039344 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 06/17/15*** PERFECTLY HEALTHY HOUSE PANTHER LIGHTNING WILL BE KILLED ALL BECAUSE HE IS AFRAID!! LIGHTNING was dumped in the shelter for ALLERGIES. He lived with a family that has small children as young as 8 months old. He was said to play gently with them and if they got too rough he would quietly walk away. YET THE ACC HAS THIS CAT RATED EXPNOCHILD!!!! This is a perfect example of how the behavior ratings in this shelt

PECHO - A1092920 - - Manhattan ***TO BE DESTROYED 10/14/16*** PECHO BEING DUMPED FOR “HOUSE SOILING,” BUT DIDN’T BOTHER TO TRY TO CORRECT THIS BEHAVIOR ISSUE! He’s just a year old and apparently soils the house, piles of cloths and had been seen by a vet for this when he was 4 months old. But the vet found NOTHING wrong. He’s NEUTERED, and if these owners really cared they should have brought him back. Because with another cat in the house, it