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[MD포토] 소녀시대 제시카 '유연한 와인드업' / 마이데일리 / May 11, 2012 / #Jessica #SNSD

[bnt포토] 시구하는 제시카, 힘껏 던졌는데 그만… / 한국경제 : bnt뉴스 / May 11, 2012 / #Jessica #SNSD

'Twinkle Twinkle' 눈 부신 미모의 소녀시대(SNSD) 태티서 태연 …MBC MUSIC 쇼 챔피언 생방송 현장

SNSD Jessica-Jessica is my bias in snsd FOREVER. Even if she isn't part of snsd anymore i will support them both. I do hope that some good will come out of this for both SNSD and Jessica Jung. I know that snsd is disappointed, i am going to admit I would be too, but people have to remember once their 15 minutes of fame are over...what are they going to do? Jessica has every right to pursue her dreams like anyone else, plus this is her future and no one has the right to control that.

[mk포토] 소녀시대 수영, `상큼한 하트 뿅뿅` / 매일경제 / June 1, 2012 / #Sooyoung #SNSD

[MD포토] ‘태티서’ 티파니, 내가 제일 예뻐 / 마이데일리 / May 3, 2012 / #Tiffany #TaeTiSeo #TTS #SNSD