A Scentsy warmer is electric with a lightbulb and it warmers the wax which makes your house smell awesome...like a candle but much safer. http://shaunawhitehead.scentsy.us

Combine and Save - If you love Scentsy, you’ll really love Combine and Save. Choose from a variety of cost-saving bundles. From “buy five, get one free” fragrance selections to options that include warmers, Scentsy bars, and Fragrance on the Go, there is a Combine and Save bundle for any occasion and any budget.

This is called a scentsy burner. You can't burn candles in college. But this is isn't a candle. Much better. Just put a smelly-wax square in it (whatever you call it) and switch it on. It plugs in to the wall where a light bulb melts the square and makes the room smell like you've lit a candle. This one is really pretty and not too big.

Scentsy Room Spray "Sticky Cinnamon Bun" Fragrance 2.7 Fl.oz. / 80 Ml by Scentsy. $6.00. Spray as desired to induce a fragrance experience.

I used this in my laundry for the first time recently, and I kid you not, I could not stop smelling my laundry! I am in love.

Cherry Vanilla Room Spray~Sweet as the finishing touch atop your favorite sundae. Cherry Vanilla is a delightful swirl of candied cherry and sugared almonds folded into velvety white chocolate ice cream.

Newborn Nursery Scent Pak Newborn Nursery Scent Pak Dreamy scent that evokes memories of cradling your little ones. $7.00. This goes with your scent buddy!

"Pink Pepper" is considered the fragrance trend for 2012. It's as sweet as it is sassy, herbal and floral and feminine without being foo-foo.

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