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Steampunk.Anastasia by Allsteam on DeviantArt

Copper corset, chocolate skirt, white V-neck bonnet-sleeve blouse, chestlength wavy ginger hair, rose gold pocketwatch


The Alluring Steampunk & Goth Babes Compilation of The Grizzled Monarch because they are the hottest treat or prepare in a certain way, in particular according The Grizzled Monarch Expert in the Feminine Body Structure

The Steampunk Guide: Fashion & Events: Steampunk Girl In Leather Bodice

steampunktendencies: “ Photography/Edition: Irina Braga Outfit: radoobutuc Model: Red Hair ” I absolutely love the make-up!

Victorian dress

cloggo: “ Steampunk Bountyhunter with an impressive weapon. Thanks to Crystaline via Steamscrapbook for lead to Wanndeclayt ”

Like the position the model is sitting-slightly revealing skin on legs.

Don't want to post a lot of the steampunk clothes, but I am a fan of this picture, and the simplicity with just giving her the cane-sword. Love a cane-sword.