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Britain’s Biggest Secret - The Black Victorians. Who were the Black Victorians? Never before seen photos were uncovered, giving us over 200 images of glances into our past.

Black Inventors who invented alot of today's necessities that we use.

African American History Inventors List! You will be suprise at what black inventors created that we use today

*PLEASE NOTE: Yahusha (aka Jesus) is the Son of Yahuah (God), He is the Way, the Truth & the Life (not only a prophet, He is the Messiah; perfect in every way; He is God made in the flesh; our Savior; Teacher; Healer; Redeemer, God's Glory)* Islam Deception: Why do so many Israelites follow Islam? Do they not know its origin? Do they not know their origins? This infographic is a good start to delving in on the topic of who the original Israelites are – and why many of them tend to follow…

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*PLEASE NOTE: Jesus was not a prophet. And the Word became flesh. There lived, many prophets after Jesus and even till this day there are those you are able to discern His will in this special way.

How Monsanto Took Over Our Food

During a press conference in Paris, it was announced that a tribunal will investigate Monsanto for its many "crimes against nature and humanity.

An authentic former Nigerian Slave :(

"I WAS A SLAVE" Afro-Cuban ancestry. Many forget that African slaves were taken to Cuban and other Caribbean and Latin American countries.

In case you're wondering, here's a few examples of what Christians are referring to when they talk about TRADITIONAL BIBLICAL MARRIAGES.  Same sex couples should not be allowed to marry, `cause that would be a sin...

A Biblical guide to marriage: It's not a pretty picture. And people are worried about gay marriage?

Ahmose-Nefertari | Mummy of queen Ahmose Nefertari mother of Amenhotep I

*EGYPT ~ The Egyptologist who unwrapped "Lady Rai" called her "the most perfect example of embalming that has come down to us from the . early Dynasty, or perhaps even of any period." Her beautifully braided hair was protected in its own bandages.

I Had No Idea What Flap Procedures Were Until Now. This Video Is Such A Great Reconstruction Resource! |  The Breast Cancer Site Blog

I Had No Idea What Flap Procedures Were Until Now. This Video Is Such A Great Reconstruction Resource!

This fantastic animation walks you through the possibilities for breast reconstruction, focusing on implant operations both with and without a flap procedure, as well as what types of flap procedures there are.

They trying it. But I'm unapologetically black! I live! I breathe! I remain!

💯💯💯💯 previous comment 》》》》 White privilege is demanding a violently oppressed people to speak to you in a manner you deem appropriate. Knock it off. The rage is justified. The deaths are not.

Black Wall Street Massacre by the KKK and others.  Allowed by officials.

The Black Wall Street “ The first of these incidents occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in The Tulsa Race Riot was a large-scale racially motivated conflict on May 31 and June

Lady Liberty modeled after the same goddess known as Isis (who was also Venus, Aphrodite, Ishtar (the wife of the false god, Baal) and Semiramis, the mother of Tammuz (the T was the original "cross"). That is why the Bible refers to Babylon the Great as the Harlot of false religion. Revelations chapter 18

“American Babylonianism” Introduction: The Statue of Liberty has become the most cherished symbol of the United States of America. What we were NOT taught in school were the trul…

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Deuteronomy And you shall become a horror, a proverb, and a byword, among all nations where the LORD shall lead you. No rest for the weary;