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Justcoon's Nifty S Back. German Import. Blue Smoke. Nifty is a beautiful looking…

Wow! Random, Beautiful, Felted , Warm Bunny on a chilly board. Don't know how he made it here, but he's a keeper!

Pink red, it has to be said, is absolutely stunning! Love the soft fluffy baby pink sweater

Meet Wally: The Angora Bunny

Meet Wally: The Angora Bunny

Wally the Angora Rabbit Looks Like an Adorable Poodle-Bunny Hybrid

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Lionhead rabbits More …

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Community Post: A Definitive Ranking Of Places To Snorgle A Cat, From Worst To Yummiest

Hello there! Im Feathertail, the last child of Greystripe and Millie. Im named after my dead step sister, Feathertail. I love to swim and climb and apprentice is Pigeonpaw. Im so very proud of him! He has trained super hard, and he is going to be a warrior soon. My mate is Whitesky. my best friends are Stormcloud and Blazingfire|she-cat| (represents me)

"Beautiful sheep - this is where wonderful wool comes from, instead of petroleum which is where acrylic yarn comes from" #KnittingGuru. Photo from Teeswaterewes